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Happy woman Yana from Moscow (Russia), 29 yo, hair color blonde
  • ID: 95868
  • Age: 29
  • Date of birth: January 12, 1992
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Height: 5' 5" (167 cm)
  • Weight: 123 lb (56 kg)
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eyes color: Aqua
  • Country: Russia
  • City: Moscow
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital status: Single
  • Children: No
  • Smoke: No
  • Alcohol: Occasionally
  • Profession: Tourism manager
  • Occupation Model
  • Education: Higher
  • English language: Fluent
  • Other foreign languages: No knowledge
  • Seeks Partner: 40 - 60 years old
  • woman
About me
To be honest, it is not so customary to write about yourself. I am a very sociable and open woman. I always do everything sincerely. If I am happy, then as a child. Well, I take offense the same way. But such emotional outbursts are rare. I am a reserved person. The main characteristic of my nature is, perhaps, practicality. I am a kind and sympathetic woman. I have a very developed sense of compassion. And in general, I am a cutie to be honest. Well, at least I consider myself this way. Despite, I am a very purposeful person. I don't really believe in horoscopes, but I read them from time to time. I think astrology is, of course, an exact science, everything said in horoscopes necessarily comes true. Only it is not known when, where, with whom and what exactly. I am a realist in life.
Hobbies and interests
Like all women who know their own worth, I am fond of fashion. I follow trends and tendencies. I admit, I don't like everything, but I like to dress stylishly. I love animals. In the cold season, I will never pass by a homeless cat or dog. I will definitely buy something to eat for them. I also go swimming. Water is very relaxing and helps me to relieve fatigue after a hard day. And the most interesting and far from a woman's hobby is boxing. In these trainings, I have a full blast. In boxing training, I expel all negative energy from myself. Seriously, it is a very effective method. After such training, everything immediately becomes "purple".
Looking For Men Type
The ideal man for me is smart, courageous, honest with himself and with me. He loves animals, traveling, beautiful things. He is calm and balanced - there should be no aggression in a relationship from both sides. To be a dominant male - YES, a tyrant absolutely NO. This is what every romantic woman craves. I expect romance from a loved one. I like romantic manifestations, affection, simple dinner in an intimate atmosphere. All this refreshes the relationship, prolongs the candy-flower period for many years. He said and did, moreover, both in relation to others and in relation to himself. This point most clearly distinguishes a man from a boy. I want a man who does not stand in one place. He always evolves and always strives for more. How do I imagine an ideal relationship? First of all, it is complete trust without the slightest lie, even on trifles. Of course, there must be mutual sympathy. Intimacy is a very important aspect in creating an ideal relationship.
  • What is your favorite song?
    Song - Shine - a rock performance.
  • What is your favorite music style?
    Drum and bass, pop music.
  • What is your favorite book?
    Boleyn sisters.
  • What are your favorite flowers?
    Peonies, asters, the more unusual the better.
  • What is your favorite season?
    The coldest but most magical time of the year is Winter. Especially when it snows. There is such beauty everywhere.
  • What is your favorite actor/actress?
    Tom Hardy / Monica Beluchi / Vincent Cassel
  • What is your favorite movie?
    I have several of them. I really like 2 + 1 and Pearl Harbor. From fantasy it is "Avatar"
  • What genre of movies do you prefer?
    Films that touched me - Pearl Harbor, Avatar, Moana-film, Focus. I also love good comedies.
  • What kind of sport do you like?
    Oddly enough, but this is biathlon. It's always so exciting. Sometimes I even worry and root for athletes.
  • What sport do you do?
    I have two favorite sports that I do - swimming and boxing.
  • Do you like roses?
    No roses, yes peonies.
  • What color of roses do you prefer?
    I don't like roses.
  • What is your favorite colour?
    My favorite colors are black, white, green, blue.
  • What colour do you prefer in your clothes?
    In clothes I love classic colors - black and white. Likewise, bright colors are green and blue.
  • What style of clothes do your prefer?
    I prefer the classic style.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
    I like to spend my free time with my dog and godchildren. I surf the Internet and look for something useful for myself. Recipes, trainings, online training. I love doing gymnastics for the brain.
  • What occupation did you dream about when you were a child?
    As a child, I dreamed of becoming a dentist.
  • How do you see your future life in 10 years?
    I want to be a happy mom and wife. Enjoy every day with my loved one. To raise children. To love and to be loved. I want a house by the sea, which will be the most comfortable place on earth.
  • What is one thing you want to change in your life to make it better?
    I would go back at 16 and change the way I became a woman.
  • What is your the most happy memory?
    Grandma's house in the village. It always smelled deliciously of baked goods. Granny surrounded me with care, and constantly wanted to feed me.
  • Which places have you been?
    I visited many places abroad and in Russia.
  • What countries would you like to visit?
    I really want to visit Bali, Peru, Islands and Baikal.
  • Do you have a nickname? What is it?
    Friends call me Yanchik.
  • What is your favorite cuisine?
    I give preference to Japanese and European cuisine.
  • Do you believe in good fortune?
    I believe.
  • Do you have any kind of a talisman that brings you good luck?
    Oddly enough, but this is a black cat.
  • Which famous person would you like to communicate with?
    Tom Hardy.
  • How do you prefer to spend your spare time, actively or quietly?
    Actively and calmly.
  • What trait of your character would you like to change (if any)?
    I can find fault with things that you can not pay attention to, very stubborn, you will not prove anything to me; until I burn myself, I will not believe.
  • What are five things you always take with you?
    License, credit card, passport, lip balm and phone.
  • What or who influenced your life the most?
    Ex boyfriend.
  • What is your favorite citation or aphorism?
    If you want it done well, do it by yourself.
  • What is your life motto?
    Always remain optimistic in all situations. My mom taught.
  • What is the most bright memory of your childhood?
    The most comfortable and warmest place. My grandmother's house in the village.
  • What is your favorite dish to cook?
    I love to cook mushroom pasta.
  • Name one thing you would never refuse.
    I will never give up on Ari. This is my dog.
  • Do you like cooking?
    Yes, of course.
  • Do you want to have children ?
  • Do you like go to the night club or not ?
    More yes than no.
  • Are you a home type ?
    Yes and no. Something in between.
  • Do you prefer to live in a busy city or a quiet place (like village)?
    I have an apartment both in the city and in the village.
  • Are willing to relocate to another country ?
    Yes, I am.
  • Would you like to relocate to a tropical country, such as Asian country?
    In the Asian, most likely not, but in the tropical one maybe.