Amiable lady Kristina from Odessa (Ukraine), 37 yo, hair color blonde
  • Kristina

  • ID 93224
  • Alter 37
  • Geburtsdatum Juli 05, 1982
  • Wuchs 5' 7" (172 cm)
  • Gewicht 132 lb (60 kg)
  • Haarfarbe Blonde
  • Augenfarbe Brown
  • Land Ukraine
  • Stadt Odessa
  • Religion Christianity
  • Familienstand Geschieden
  • Kinder 1 (der Junge-2005)
  • Rauchen No
  • Alkohol Never
  • Beruf hairdresser fashion designer
  • Occupation hairdresser fashion designer
  • Ausbildung University degree
  • Englische Sprache Mittelniveau
  • Andere Fremdsprachen kein Wissen
  • sucht Partner 30 - 70 Jahre alt
  • woman
Über mich
I am a very pretty, interesting and open-minded girl. I like my life because I live in a harmony. I have many interests and I like to try new things. I like to have fun, but I can also be serious when it is needed. And of course I have a very good sense of humor!
Hobbys und Interesse
To tell you about my interests - they are very wide! I am fond of music, dancing. I am rather a good dancer! And of course, my greatest hobby is singing. I love singing in karaoke a lot. I should say that I have no driving licence, but I am very fond of driving. That is why sometimes I go with my friends for a sporting ride. I think that if we spend more time together we can discover much more interests for both of us! How do you think?
Männertype suchend
I joined this site in order to meet a special man, who will give me his love and care. I would like him to be strong, brave, volitional, successful, but at the same time gentle, caring, with a good sense of humor. I want to feel his protection and he can be sure that I will be the most loving wife!
  • Was ist Ihr Lieblingslied?
    Whitney Houston - I will always love you
  • Was ist Ihr Musiklieblingsstil?
    I like different styles. It depends on my mood.
  • Welche Blumen sind Ihre Lieblingsblumen?
  • Was ist Ihre Lieblingsjahreszeit?
  • Was ist ihr Lieblingsfilm?
    Dear John
  • Welches Filmgenre bevorzugen sie?
    My favourite movies are comedies.
  • Welche Sportart gefällt Ihnen?
    I like to keep my figure and I think that you already noticed that I am rather good at that!))
  • Welche Sportart treiben Sie?
    I love going to the gym
  • Mögen Sie Rosen?
    Yes, of course.
  • Welche Farbe der Rosen bevorzugen Sie?
  • Was ist Ihre Lieblingsfarbe?
    They are different, it depends on my mood.
  • Was ist Ihre Kleidungslieblingsfarbe?
  • Was machen Sie gern in Ihrer Freizeit?
    I like to go for a walk by the sea, see my friends, watch some good movie or some sports program.
  • Von welchem Beruf träumten Sie, als Sie ein Kind waren?
    I dreamed to be a doctor.
  • Wie sehen Sie Ihr Zukunftsleben in 10 Jahren?
    I would like to have stability and happiness, to be a good mother and wife.
  • Was würden Sie in Ihrem Leben verändern, um es besser zu machen?
    To get married.
  • Was ist Ihre beste Erinnerung?
    Ask me.
  • Was ist Ihre Lieblingsküche?
    I really like Italian food! I can`t say that there are many good Italian restaurants in Odessa, but still I know some places that are very good. And if you want I can show you these places!
  • Glauben Sie im Glück?
    Yes, I believe.
  • Haben Sie einen Talisman?
    Yes, I have.
  • Wie verbringen Sie gewöhnlich Ihre Freizeit, aktiv oder ruhig?
    It depends on my mood. Sometimes I am active, sometimes I enjoy quite time.
  • Eine Sache, die Sie nie absagen würden.
  • Kochen Sie gern?
    Yes, of course. It is my favorite hobby.
  • Wollen Sie Kinder haben?
    Ask me.
  • Gefallen Ihnen die Nachtklubs oder nicht?
    No, I don't like.
  • Sind Sie eine Stubenhockerin?
    Yes, I am.
  • Wo würden Sie gern leben: in der hektischen Stadt oder in einem stillen Platz (wie ein Dorf)?
    I prefer to live in a quiet place.