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Naive woman Tat'yana from Kharkov (Ukraine), 41 yo, hair color brown-haired
  • Tat'yana

  • ID 87761
  • 年龄 41
  • 出生日期 四月 02, 1978
  • 高度 5' 6" (168 厘米)
  • 重量 132 lb (60 公斤)
  • 发色 Brown-haired
  • 眼睛颜色 Brown
  • 国家 Ukraine
  • Kharkov
  • 宗教 Russian Orthodox
  • 婚姻状况
  • 儿童 1 (女孩-2014)
  • 抽烟 No
  • Occasionally
  • 职业 economist
  • 教育 higher education
  • 英语 没有知识
  • 其他外语 没有知识
  • 寻求合作伙伴 40 - 75 几岁
  • woman
I'm not ashamed , but it is difficult to talk about such a good person, as me. I have moderately calm character, sociable, able to support any theme, easily find a common language with any person, purposeful, sweet, very fond of children. I am a very romantic, sometimes naive, sincerely and very sensitive lady!I am open-minded, family-oriented, I am very kind and I always support people and I am always there when they need me!
I like all aspects of life. I try to learn as much as possible every day. Everything I do I do it good. I like to cook, so I try to find unusual recipes . I try to do new activities. Other cultures are interesting for me. I try to learn about their history, languages. It's amazing to find a common and differences.
I want to meet a man who is living a healthy lifestyle. He should treat women with respect, he should be educated , have goals and aims and try to reach them. I would like him to care about me, love children and have a good sense of humour.
  • 你最喜欢的音乐风格是什么?
  • 你最喜欢的书是什么?
    Anna Karenina
  • 你最喜欢的花是什么?
    Roses ,orchid
  • 你最喜欢的季节是什么?
    Summer and Spring
  • 你最喜欢的演员/演员?
    Angelina Jolie
  • 你喜欢玫瑰吗?
  • 你喜欢什么颜色的玫瑰?
    White and red
  • 你喜欢闲暇时间,积极还是静静地度过?
  • 你最喜欢做什么菜?
  • 你喜欢做饭吗?