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Young lady Yana from Gorlovka (Ukraine), 25 yo, hair color dark brown
  • Yana

  • ID 93464
  • Age 25
  • Date of birth September 13, 1994
  • Height 5' 10" (179 cm)
  • Weight 107 lb (49 kg)
  • Hair color Dark brown
  • Eyes color Gray
  • Country Ukraine
  • City Gorlovka
  • Religion Christianity
  • Marital status Single
  • Children No
  • Smoke No
  • Alcohol Never
  • Profession journalist
  • Education higher graduated
  • English language Almost Fluent
  • Other foreign languages No knowledge
  • Seeks Partner 25 - 75 years old
  • woman
About me
Close your eyes and imagine the ocean. Light breeze, sea waves, the sun is the basis of my character, this is how my state of mind looks. Now imagine the storm, the calm, the rage of the water horizon - this is when I get angry, nervous, sad, and this is what I can be angry about. Therefore, I prefer a good weather, both outdoors and in my heart. My character is the capital of democracy, liberty, humanity and tolerance to everything that happens in the world and around me. Once, a not famous writer said: "We often fall in love with the image of a girl - we remember the soul and character when the euphoria passes." I am the image created by nature, my soul is what heaven gave me. Nature can be deceived, altered, negotiated with her, and heaven will forever remain adamant.
Hobbies and interests
My hobbies are books, music, writing. In books I find appeasement, experience, intellectual wealth, modernization of my own character, thinking, behavior. I am buried in books. My mind and soul become tranquil, my body becomes covered with light pleasant excitement and trembling, and the smell of pages, parchment give me the highest pleasure. Music - this is what silences my sadness, depression, lifts me from my knees and gives me hope and strength to spread my wings again. Writing replaces my lack of love and friends. Writing my own monologues, poems becomes for me a dialogue with my best friend, with myself. A pencil and a piece of paper is my company, my love and my affection.
Looking For Men Type
If you carefully read about my character and my interests, then you will understand who you should be for me. I want my future man to be an incredible book for me, in which I will feel protected, calm, love and peace. I want my future man to be music for me, which will always play in the style of Bach, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and this will not allow my soul to be in turmoil or sadness. I want my future man to be a parchment for me, to which I can tell my thoughts, poems and he will listen and hear me with a smile and love in his eyes. In exchange for all this, my soul, my body, my mind, my heart will forever be held captive by my future man. Life imprisonment in the most desirable prison, called - love and family.
  • What is your favorite song?
    R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
  • What is your favorite music style?
    Rock, pop music
  • What is your favorite book?
    99 Francs
  • What are your favorite flowers?
  • What is your favorite season?
  • What is your favorite actor/actress?
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • What genre of movies do you prefer?
    Thriller, drama, comedy movies
  • What kind of sport do you like?
    Running, tennis, orienteering
  • What sport do you do?
    Running, tennis, orienteering
  • Do you like roses?
    Yes, I do.
  • What color of roses do you prefer?
  • What is your favorite colour?
  • What colour do you prefer in your clothes?
    Red and white
  • What style of clothes do your prefer?
    Romantic, sporty ones.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
    I like walking, reading or writing my own book.
  • What occupation did you dream about when you were a child?
    I dreamed to be a writer, a screenwriter or an advertiser.
  • How do you see your future life in 10 years?
    I will have a family and live in a calm, peaceful place.
  • What is one thing you want to change in your life to make it better?
    My fate.
  • What is your the most happy memory?
    Life without war.
  • Which places have you been?
    I have only been around Ukraine and Russia.
  • What countries would you like to visit?
    USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, UK, France, Holland
  • Do you have a nickname? What is it?
    I do not have it.
  • What is your favorite cuisine?
    I like the Italian cuisine.
  • Do you believe in good fortune?
    Yes, I believe.
  • Do you have any kind of a talisman that brings you good luck?
    Yes, it is a pendant.
  • Which famous person would you like to communicate with?
    Rothschild, Houdini, Rockefeller, Stalin, Lenin, Washington
  • How do you prefer to spend your spare time, actively or quietly?
  • What trait of your character would you like to change (if any)?
    My excessive kindness.
  • What are five things you always take with you?
    Money, bag, mobile, keys, comb, lipstick
  • What or who influenced your life the most?
  • What is your favorite citation or aphorism?
    Never ask for anything! Never for anything, and especially from those who are stronger than you. They'll make the offer themselves, and give everything themselves.
  • What is your life motto?
    Never give up!
  • What is the most bright memory of your childhood?
    My first hiking trip to the mountains.
  • What is your favorite dish to cook?
    Salad "Caesar"
  • Name one thing you would never refuse.
    My conscience.
  • Do you like cooking?
    Yes, I do.
  • Do you want to have children ?
    I have not decided it yet.
  • Do you like go to the night club or not ?
    No, I don't like.
  • Are you a home type ?
    Yes, I am.
  • Do you prefer to live in a busy city or a quiet place (like village)?
    I prefer to live in a quiet place.
  • Are willing to relocate to another country ?
    Yes, I am willing.
  • Would you like to relocate to a tropical country, such as Asian country?
    Yes, I would like.