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Vigorous girl Tat'yana from Kherson (Ukraine), 24 yo, hair color dark brown
  • ID 83940
  • Âge 24
  • Date de naissance Décembre 14, 1995
  • Hauteur 5' 9" (177 cm)
  • Poids 154 lb (70 kg)
  • couleur de Cheveux Dark brown
  • couleur d'Yeux Aqua
  • Pays Ukraine
  • Ville Kherson
  • Religion Christianity
  • Situation de famille Simple
  • Enfants Non
  • Fumée No
  • Alcool Never
  • Profession educator
  • Occupation student
  • Éducation incomplete higher education
  • langue d'anglais Utilisation du dictionnaire
  • d'Autres langues étrangères Aucune connaissance
  • Cherche le Partenaire 20 - 75 ans
  • woman
De moi
Be classy, show temper and shine bright. If you do, winning takes care of itself. This quote totally expresses who I really am. I believe that woman should combine a lot of traits inside of her but only the real and strong one is able to keep them all together. I am a very optimistic person, no matter what happens in life I like to keep my head up and look at things positivly. I believe that positive mindset is the key to everything. Once I put my mind to something I always achieve it.I'm also a very romantic and passionate. I like going for the long walks to the park or beach, having dates at the shore or somewhere in the mountains. But as I am a very diverse person I like to mix things up from time to time and have fun. I think that life was meant to be lived to its fullest and I am not wasting any minute on empty things. I like to go out with my friends, visit my family and play with my cousins, what can I say, I really love kids. I am a very adventurous person)
les Hobbies et les intérêts
I like to travel and I think that travelling and discovering different countries and islands, meeting a lot of new people, learning about new cultures and trying local cuisines are the best things to do. I've been to a lot of cities in Ukraine and I hope I will travel abroad very soon. You never know where life may take you so I am open to anything.I also like spending time with my family, friends and all my little cousins. I think that family is one of the most important things in life and I truly want to find someone reliable to have a strong and big family with. Summer has to be one of my favorite seasons. I like hot weather, swimming in the sea and bathing in the sun. My dream is to live somewhere near to the beach and be surrounded by palm trees. As you can see I'm trying to explore as many things as I can and live my life to the fullest, all I need is a good man by my side to make my life journey perfect.
Cherchant le Type d'Hommes
I believe that if two people are perfect for each other, if they are soul mates everything will fall into places. I am willing to make my man happy and give him all he needs but he also has to do the same thing for me. Only mutual love, work, support, trust, affection and passion can make relationships work. I believe that passion and affection are very important. So, I am that type of a person who can kiss you passionately and show you my affection every single day. I hope to find someone with a good sense of humor, I like having fun and joking around from time to time, well, we all know that laugh is the best medicine. I hope you can relate yourself to my perfect man description. If you do, don't hesitate and write me. I can't wait to meet my love and have a happy and adventurous life with him.
  • Quelle est ta chanson préférée?
    LOL) difficut to find out as there are plenty of them. m
  • Quel est votre style de musique préféré?
    I prefer pop,rnb,hip-hop,dance music
  • Quelles sont vos fleurs préférées?
  • Quelle est votre saison préférée?
  • Quel est votre film préféré?
    Men of Honor, Original Sin, Knocing on Heaven's Door
  • Quel genre de sport vous aimez?
    Football, badminton.
  • Quel sport faites-vous?
  • Aimez-vous les roses?
  • Quelle est la couleur des roses que préférez-vous?
  • Quel style de vêtements vous préférez?
    Which suits me and in which I feel myself very comfortable
  • Qu'est-ce que vous aimez faire dans votre temps libre?
    To go out with friends, spend time with family, read books, watch movies, cook.
  • Quelle profession avez-vous rêvez quand vous étiez enfant?
    A doctor
  • Comment voyez-vous votre vie future dans 10 ans?
    I would like to have a strong family, 2 kids, nice job and live near the beach and palm trees
  • Quels pays aimeriez-vous visiter?
    I would most like to visit Spain, Italy, Germany, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize
  • Avez-vous un surnom? Qu'Est-ce que c'est?
    Barbie doll or Tanusha
  • Croyez-vous dans la bonne fortune?
    Yes I do
  • Comment préférez-vous passer votre temps libre, activement ou tranquillement?
  • Quel trait de votre caractère voudriez-vous changer (le cas échéant)?
    I am too shy and need to fight with it.
  • Qu'est-ce ou qui a influencé votre vie le plus?
    My mom
  • Quelle est votre devise de vie?
    Always to think in a positive way
  • Quel est le souvenir le plus clair de votre enfance?
    My first trip to the sea with my mom
  • Quel est votre plat préféré à cuisiner?
    Mashed potatoes and salads
  • Nommez une chose dont vous ne pouvez jamais refuser.
  • Aimez-vous cuisiner?
    I adore cooking as it is a small white magic
  • Voulez-vous avoir des enfants?
  • Préférez-vous vivre dans une ville animée ou un endroit tranquille (comme village)?
    Busy city gives a lot of possibilities but quiet place gives Freedom
  • Êtes-vous prêts à déménager dans un autre pays?
    Yes - why not? There is no difference where to be happy