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Spicy lady Aleksandra from Zhitomir (Ukraine), 34 yo, hair color blonde
  • Aleksandra

  • ID 86281
  • 年龄 34
  • 出生日期 七月 28, 1984
  • 高度 5' 6" (168 厘米)
  • 重量 154 lb (70 公斤)
  • 发色 Blonde
  • 眼睛颜色 Aqua
  • 国家 Ukraine
  • Zhitomir
  • 宗教 Christianity
  • 婚姻状况
  • 儿童 没有
  • 抽烟 No
  • Socialy
  • 职业 accountant, banker
  • 教育 incomplete higher education, specialized secondary education
  • 英语 使用字典
  • 其他外语 没有知识
  • 寻求合作伙伴 30 - 40 几岁
  • woman
I am a hard-worker. I spend all my time working. Day and night. I am always available when somebody needs me. I adore my work! But I am a woman. I am tired of this. I am tired to rule everything myself. I am ready to change my life. It was not an easy step for me to register here. But I am ready for changes and I want them now. Want YOU now!
I realise now that it sounds very sad but my work is all my interests. I need you to save me from this:) I am not a homebody. There can be only one reason for me to sit at home and it is to have a baby. You know, I feel I am ready to spend some time at home already.
Looking for a handsome man with blond hair and blue or gray eyes. We will have cute kids. Beautiful Nordic family. Joking:) When people feel the closeness and intimacy of souls nothing else matters. I need this closeness and intimacy. It can`t have any description...