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Serious lady Liliya from Kharkov (Ukraine), 25 yo, hair color light brown
  • Liliya

  • ID 90265
  • 年龄 25
  • 出生日期 四月 15, 1994
  • 高度 5' 2" (160 厘米)
  • 重量 116 lb (53 公斤)
  • 发色 Light brown
  • 眼睛颜色 Gray
  • 国家 Ukraine
  • Kharkov
  • 宗教 Russian Orthodox
  • 婚姻状况
  • 儿童 没有
  • 抽烟 No
  • Occasionally
  • 职业 Tourism manager
  • Occupation Tourism/Travel Agent, coach for stretching
  • 教育 University
  • 英语 使用字典
  • 其他外语 没有知识
  • 寻求合作伙伴 30 - 70 几岁
  • woman
My close friends say that I have subtle spiritual qualities. I strive to develop and to learn new things. I like reading scientific journals and public. It is important for me to build a strong family. It is important for me to translate my desires, fantasies and dreams into reality. The workers say that I have an inexhaustible imagination and a vivid imagination. I love my job as a Pole dance instructor.
My interests have always been associated with dancing. Now I am an instructor of the Polar Dance. This is my hobby and work at the same time. I am pleased to combine this. I like to walk outdoors. There is a park near my house. In the warm season after work, I come to the park and eat ice cream. My parents have a country house outside the city. I am always responsible for preparing B-B-Q. So I can say that cooking meat on an open fire is my hobby. I like to pamper my family with new sauce recipes.
I look for the responsible and clever man. Therefore I choose a wide age range. My choice of the partner will depend not on age, and on level of responsibility, sincerity of feelings and the level of development of my future partner. I am not capable to carp at appearance details also.
  • 你最喜欢的书是什么?
    As it is not strange, I like books of Harry Potter.
  • 你最喜欢的季节是什么?
    My favorite season is spring.
  • 你喜欢什么类型的电影?
    I prefer such genres of movies as fantasy, thriller, detective.
  • 你喜欢什么样的运动?
    Of sports I prefer figure skating.
  • 你做什么运动?
    I practice Pole dance.
  • 你喜欢玫瑰吗?
    Yes, I like roses.
  • 你喜欢什么颜色的衣服?
    In clothes I prefer colors: blue, pink, black.
  • 当你小时候,你有什么职业梦想?
    When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant.
  • 你相信好运吗?
    I believe in good fortune.
  • 你喜欢闲暇时间,积极还是静静地度过?
    I prefer to spend time actively.
  • 愿意搬迁到另一个国家吗?
    I'm ready to relocate to another country.