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Responsible bride Viktoriya from Ivano-Frankovsk (Ukraine), 44 yo, hair color black
  • Viktoriya

  • ID 92583
  • Âge 44
  • Date de naissance Septembre 11, 1975
  • Hauteur 5' 5" (166 cm)
  • Poids 127 lb (58 kg)
  • couleur de Cheveux Black
  • couleur d'Yeux Brown
  • Pays Ukraine
  • Ville Ivano-Frankovsk
  • Religion Russian Orthodox
  • Situation de famille Simple
  • Enfants 2 (Fille-2007, Fille-2010)
  • Fumée No
  • Alcool Never
  • Profession manager
  • Occupation self employed
  • Éducation university
  • langue d'anglais Intermédiaire
  • d'Autres langues étrangères Aucune connaissance
  • Cherche le Partenaire 45 - 70 ans
  • woman
De moi
I'm a woman from head to toes. I know that I have the strength to make my life the way I want it to be. I realize that only I am responsible for my life direction. I live in harmony with my inner I and I'm ready to direct my potential in the right direction. I'm a masterpiece created with my own hands. I know how to control emotions, and where I need to let them out. I focus on solving, rather than fixing on the problem. I always remember that my every choice will either bring me closer or distance me from my own desires. I always think before making a choice. Whether it's a choice in dealing with people, or choosing a beautiful dress. I know the essence and beauty of a woman in harmony with the world and with itself. I take care of myself. I fill my head with useful, positive and encouraging thoughts. I study all my life, learn new things, expand my horizons and I'm not afraid of unexpected decisions. I take care of my body, eating not only tasty, but also healthy food.
les Hobbies et les intérêts
I love the movement. I mean that I don't like to sit at home and wait for something. I like to do different things. I love to travel. I prefer a restaurant or home-grown meal. I do not like fast food. Especially American. I do not like artificial food, artificial smiles and artificial relationships. Everything should be natural and as desired. Loyalty to me is the main word. I'm not looking for short-term relationships or intrigues. I want real relationships, love and respect from the husband. I want a family and I will definitely have it.
Cherchant le Type d'Hommes
I'm a gentle and fragile woman and that's why I'm looking for a strong man. From my man, I'm waiting for protection, that I will be behind him as if behind a stone wall. My man is empathetic and attentive. He is smart, I can talk with him on various topics, not just about football and types of beer. He has a good sense of humor. Also, he was not be like a female. In other words, a woman doesn't need another woman, she needs the opposite.
  • Quel est votre film préféré?
    Eat Pray Love
  • Dans quels endroits avez-vous été?
    USA, China,Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Bulgaria, Czech Republic
  • Quels pays aimeriez-vous visiter?
  • Quelle est votre cuisine préférée?
    I love delicious food. It can be Italian cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine.
  • Avez-vous une sorte de talisman qui vous apporte la bonne chance?
    My talisman is my smile. If I smile it means that day will be successful
  • Comment préférez-vous passer votre temps libre, activement ou tranquillement?
    I'm an active and cheerful person, therefore I dont like to sit in one place for a long time.
  • Qu'est-ce ou qui a influencé votre vie le plus?
    My two beautiful daughters
  • Quelle est votre devise de vie?
    I know the essence and beauty of a woman - in harmony with the world and with itself.
  • Quel est votre plat préféré à cuisiner?
    Lasagna, baked meat
  • Nommez une chose dont vous ne pouvez jamais refuser.
    Coffee with rachat lukum
  • Aimez-vous cuisiner?
    Yes, I like experimenting in the kitchen.