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Real woman Yuliya from Kharkov (Ukraine), 44 yo, hair color light brown
  • ID 85497
  • Âge 44
  • Date de naissance Mai 17, 1976
  • Hauteur 5' 4" (164 cm)
  • Poids 125 lb (57 kg)
  • couleur de Cheveux Light brown
  • couleur d'Yeux Gray
  • Pays Ukraine
  • Ville Kharkov
  • Religion Christianity
  • Situation de famille Simple
  • Enfants Non
  • Fumée No
  • Alcool Never
  • Profession Lawyer , economic activity
  • Occupation Customs Broker.
  • Éducation Higher education, legal
  • langue d'anglais Utilisation du dictionnaire
  • d'Autres langues étrangères Aucune connaissance
  • Cherche le Partenaire 45 - 70 ans
  • woman
De moi
I am real woman which wants to find real man here! I am ready to open my heart and change my life! I like to read books, meet with friends, to go on picnics. I am honest, kind. and everything what I do in this life. I do with my soul! I have big world inside my soul. and if you want to see this world and know more about me - write me. I am very communicative person. I do not like quarrels and always try to be friendly for everyone. I have nice sense of humor. I still hope that this site is a great chance to meet real man. But of course i want direct, real communication. If you look for real woman - you have found her. If you look for real friend, I am here. I am devoted and loyal, caring and loving, stay optimistic even in difficult times. If you want to know me better then you like my beauty, right? But i have to make you sure that there are a lot of other things to like me for! I can say that I am decent and honest woman.
les Hobbies et les intérêts
I am creative lady as you will see. I enjoy design, stylistics, dancing- any kinds of artistic creativeness and hobbies! I love beauty and I do my best to create the beauty around me! I believe until you create the beauty and happiness in your life, nobody will do that instead of you! And here I am to create the love in my life and to make my future man the happiest man in the world! I love dancing. Dancing is like my passion . I love different types of Dance. I waiting for the day when I will dance with my Man and we will be the center of attraction of everyone around us.I'm fond of yoga. I like to read, watch European films . Meet with friends and picnics.I conduct an active way of life.
Cherchant le Type d'Hommes
I need the warmth and care, I want a good man, honest, strong, intelligent, brave, passionate and cheerful, supportive, affectionate, fascinating, artistic and well balanced. I want a man that will support me in every endeavor and stand by my side no matter what. My man has to be well rounded and knowledgeable in many areas. He needs to have a vibrant personality, and he has to be generous, caring, open, loving. He should be open with me at all times, and able to tell me everything. I want a man who loves me and is not afraid to express it. He should be capable of expressing himself. He has to be willing to do anything for me as I would do for him. He has to be confident, noble, strong, and courageous. He has to be able to protect his family. I enjoy optimism and mental stimulation. Together we should be able to discover and understand more than we could alone. I have to have intellectual freedom. I have much to give. I need a person who is ready to receive.
  • Quel est votre style de musique préféré?
    I like dance music.
  • Quelles sont vos fleurs préférées?
    I like tulips very much
  • Quelle est votre saison préférée?
  • Quel genre de sport vous aimez?
    I like to go to gym
  • Quel sport faites-vous?
    Yes, I like yoga
  • Aimez-vous les roses?
  • Quelle est la couleur des roses que préférez-vous?
    White roses are my favorite.
  • What is your favorite colour?
  • Quelle couleur préférez-vous dans vos vêtements?
    I love to dress stylishly. And my clothes the color depends on my mood . But the more I love the Classics , black and white .
  • Quelle est votre cuisine préférée?
    I love French, Italian.
  • Croyez-vous dans la bonne fortune?
  • Quels sont les cinq choses que vous prenez toujours avec vous?
    Passport, wallet, lipstick, house keys , mobile phone ,
  • Quel est votre plat préféré à cuisiner?
    I love cooking Asian and European food.
  • Aimez-vous cuisiner?
    I like to cook very much. It is my hobby.
  • Voulez-vous avoir des enfants?
  • Aimez-vous aller à la boîte de nuit ou non?
  • Préférez-vous vivre dans une ville animée ou un endroit tranquille (comme village)?
    As in the city and in the village has its own advantages . I can live in the city and the village , with the main favorite next .
  • Êtes-vous prêts à déménager dans un autre pays?