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Modest lady Irina from Odessa (Ukraine), 45 yo, hair color blonde
  • Irina

  • ID 74848
  • 年龄 45
  • 出生日期 一月 15, 1974
  • 高度 5' 4" (165 厘米)
  • 重量 132 lb (60 公斤)
  • 发色 Blonde
  • 眼睛颜色 Aqua
  • 国家 Ukraine
  • Odessa
  • 宗教 Christianity
  • 婚姻状况 离婚了
  • 儿童 2 (男孩-2003, 女孩-2008)
  • 抽烟 No
  • Never
  • 职业 manager
  • 教育 higher
  • 英语 使用字典
  • 其他外语 没有知识
  • 寻求合作伙伴 39 - 69 几岁
  • woman
It is always hard to describe yourself. I have heard that I am rather feminine, and fun to be around. People consider my sence of humor to be great. I am a very neat person, I don't like things not having their own place, and always try to keep my place as neat as possible. I am very outgoing, loving, and caring person. I love people and being around them always feeds me with positive energy. I also am very calm person. I believe that any conflict can be solved with words.
I love being around my children, watching them grow and evolve, getting their own opinions and looks on life make me feel very happy. There are many things that adults can learn from children, and I am so grateful that I have such opportunity. I am also very interested in psychology, music, sports and culture!
I want a man who is responsible, loving and caring. I want him to be an example to others when it comes down to integrity and self accountability. He has to be strong and gentle at the same time, willing to compromise and listen to what his spouse says. It is not often in my country that man respects woman's opinion on things, and that is something that I desire so much!