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Interested girl Anna from Cherkassy (Ukraine), 25 yo, hair color chestnut
  • Anna

  • ID 92617
  • Âge 25
  • Date de naissance Avril 28, 1995
  • Hauteur 5' 9" (176 cm)
  • Poids 105 lb (48 kg)
  • couleur de Cheveux Chestnut
  • couleur d'Yeux Gray
  • Pays Ukraine
  • Ville Cherkassy
  • Religion Christianity
  • Situation de famille Simple
  • Enfants Non
  • Fumée No
  • Alcool Never
  • Profession journalist
  • Occupation student, fitness trainer
  • Éducation higher
  • langue d'anglais Intermédiaire
  • d'Autres langues étrangères Aucune connaissance
  • Cherche le Partenaire 30 - 80 ans
  • woman
De moi
Sometimes I can be really unpredictable, but it means that life with me will never be boring. I know how to surprise my man. Of course in a pleasant way. I am an adventurous, purposeful and active lady. I believe that life gives us a lot of wonderful chances everyday. All that we need is just to understand what we want to get and then move to the right direction! My aim is to find a man here! And I am ready to take courageous steps to this aim! Please, give me your hand my dear stranger and let's do it together! I am that person, who likes to take a risk. I adore horse riding and driving. I am interested in cars. Yes, yes, it is not a joke. Maybe I don't know too much about them, but I really enjoy high speed. I have a wild fire in my heart, but from the other hand I am sensitive and compassionate. I like animals a lot. I think it describes me as a kind person.
les Hobbies et les intérêts
I do a lot of sports. I go to the gym, and have gymnastics, athletics classes. I really like horse riding. Sometimes I work as a model for fashion designers. I like music. Now I am learning to play the piano.
Cherchant le Type d'Hommes
I will become everything for my man: his tigress, his housekeeper and his nurse, but in the society I will be a good mother and excellent wife. I do not think that other people should know what happens between two people who are in love! Do you agree with this? I am not a woman of high demands. I do not ask a lot, all I will ask for is honesty and love and do not pay attention to the age difference. I am a woman of affection and I like to show it to my man and it would be great if he could show me the same. Are you ready to give me your love?
  • Quelle est ta chanson préférée?
    Imagine Dragons- Warriors
  • Quel est votre style de musique préféré?
    Hip Hop, R&B
  • Quel est votre livre préféré?
    Harry Potter, The Picture of Dorian Grey
  • Quelles sont vos fleurs préférées?
    Roses, orchids
  • Quel est votre acteur/actrice prefere?
    Morgan Freeman, Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Quel genre de films préférez-vous?
    Detective, thrillers
  • Quel genre de sport vous aimez?
  • Quel sport faites-vous?
  • Aimez-vous les roses?
    Yes, I do.
  • What is your favorite colour?
  • Quelle couleur préférez-vous dans vos vêtements?
    Black and red
  • Quelle profession avez-vous rêvez quand vous étiez enfant?
  • Quels pays aimeriez-vous visiter?
    Brasil, Spain, USA, Japan
  • Aimez-vous cuisiner?
    Yes, I do.
  • Voulez-vous avoir des enfants?
    Yes, I do.
  • Aimez-vous aller à la boîte de nuit ou non?
    No, I don't like.