Happy girl Diana from Lvov (Ukraine), 20 yo, hair color brown-haired
  • ID 94529
  • Alter 20
  • Geburtsdatum Dezember 30, 1999
  • Wuchs 5' 4" (165 cm)
  • Gewicht 114 lb (52 kg)
  • Haarfarbe Brown-haired
  • Augenfarbe Green
  • Land Ukraine
  • Stadt Lvov
  • Religion Christianity
  • Familienstand Ledig
  • Kinder Nein
  • Rauchen No
  • Alkohol Occasionally
  • Beruf Economist
  • Occupation Student, HR manager
  • Ausbildung Incomplete higher
  • Englische Sprache Mittelniveau
  • Andere Fremdsprachen kein Wissen
  • sucht Partner 35 - 67 Jahre alt
  • woman
Über mich
They often say about me: "You are very easy to communicate with, although at first glance it does not seem so." I am really very sociable and love to communicate with interesting people! I like to hear someone else's opinion and I am very happy when my opinion coincides with the opinion of my conversation partner, otherwise I always respectfully listen to another point of view. I am very hardworking and love to achieve my goals. I have already achieved some goals and will never stop there. By the way, one of my goals is to become the beloved woman of my beloved man. But it is my dream, not my goal. I can't stop dreaming because then the universe will hear my voice and send me my happiness!
Hobbys und Interesse
I like to cook very much. I think that any girl should be able to cook. In the modern world, this duty of girls began to disappear. I am very concerned about this. I can always feed my man. You should not be worried about this. I also like to travel. Usually this is not as far as we would like. I like to spend time in nature. I would love to go camping with you. I also like to sing. I sing mostly modern hits. And I think I am not bad at it. Sometimes it is even funny.
Männertype suchend
I am here in search of someone, who can be the best match for me, the one, who is not afraid to be open with his beloved woman and to tell her about his desires, fantasies, wishes, who is not afraid to share with her everything he has in his mind and in his heart. I am looking for the one, who will not judge me, but who will love me for who I am, and accept me just in a way I am with all my flaws. I hope to spend my life with someone, who knows what it means to be a human being, what is the meaning of such words like compassion, support, love and care.
  • Welche Blumen sind Ihre Lieblingsblumen?
    Roses, daisies
  • Was ist Ihre Lieblingsjahreszeit?
    Summer, spring
  • Welches Filmgenre bevorzugen sie?
    I prefer comedies, melodramas.
  • Welche Sportart treiben Sie?
    I do fitness.
  • Mögen Sie Rosen?
    Yes, I like roses.
  • Welche Farbe der Rosen bevorzugen Sie?
    I prefer red ones.
  • Was ist Ihre Lieblingsfarbe?
    Blue, black, pink, white.
  • Von welchem Beruf träumten Sie, als Sie ein Kind waren?
    I dreamed to become a police officer.
  • Wo sind Sie gewesen?
    Egypt, Poland
  • Welche Länder würden Sie gern besuchen?
  • Glauben Sie im Glück?
    Yes, I believe.
  • Kochen Sie gern?
    Yes, I like cooking.
  • Gefallen Ihnen die Nachtklubs oder nicht?
    No, I don't like.
  • Sind Sie eine Stubenhockerin?
    Yes, I am.
  • Würden Sie gern ins eine andere Land umziehen?
    Yes, I am willing.