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Cheerful lady Anjelika from Kharkov (Ukraine), 39 yo, hair color blonde
  • Anjelika

  • ID 91466
  • 年龄 39
  • 出生日期 九月 11, 1980
  • 高度 5' 5" (167 厘米)
  • 重量 121 lb (55 公斤)
  • 发色 Blonde
  • 眼睛颜色 Green
  • 国家 Ukraine
  • Kharkov
  • 宗教 Christianity
  • 婚姻状况
  • 儿童 1 (男孩-2004)
  • 抽烟 No
  • Never
  • 职业 economist
  • Occupation HR-manager
  • 教育 university
  • 英语 没有知识
  • 其他外语 没有知识
  • 寻求合作伙伴 40 - 65 几岁
  • woman
I am cheerful and sunny person! I smile every minute of my life and share my kindness with the world! And I hope to have this kindness back and believe that we always have back what we share with others! I am loving and caring, but sometimes can be impatient. That's why I am so active and passionate! I love everything what I do, and I never do things I don't like to do! Life must be a pleasure and I'm trying to make it so for myself and my family.
I love to enjoy life) For me every day is important. I like walking around the evening city. I was always attracted to the opportunity to learn something new
My perfect man must be a REAL man! It means to me that he have to be strong, confident, brave, he knows what he wants in life and do everything to reach his goals! I want to be sure that I can hold on to him. I am too tired to be strong woman so now I want to be just loving and caring one for my man! Instead of sugar coating everything he will be honest finding the most suitable words. He makes me feel safe whenever I need it, but he will also be the one and only person who has the guts to tell me to stop when I'm about to cross the line! He is my super man. And I will cover him with my love!
  • 什么是你最喜欢的歌曲?
    Ase of Base All what she wants
  • 你最喜欢的书是什么?
    Angelica and a King
  • 你最喜欢的花是什么?
  • 你最喜欢的季节是什么?
    I love spring when a new life is born
  • 你喜欢什么类型的电影?
    Romantic drama
  • 你做什么运动?
    Fitness in a couple
  • 你喜欢玫瑰吗?
    Yes I do
  • 你喜欢什么颜色的玫瑰?
    Classic red
  • 当你小时候,你有什么职业梦想?
    Photo model
  • 10年来你怎么看待未来的生活?
    After 10 years I see myself a successful businesswoman, next to a successful man
  • 在你的生活中想要改变什么是使它更好?
  • 你去过哪些地方?
    Kyiv, Carpathian mountains, Odessa and Crimea
  • 你相信好运吗?
    I believe in luck, but I believe in my own strength
  • 你喜欢闲暇时间,积极还是静静地度过?
    I lead an active lifestyle
  • 你想改变什么特质(如果有的话)?
    Absolutely nothing
  • 你总是带着五件事吗?
    Red lipstick, choker, mobile phone, photo of son, my inner goddess huh
  • 你想搬到一个热带的国家,比如亚洲国家吗?
    Yes, I am not against living in a warm country